“The Search”

Coming to St. Edward Catholic Church

Beginning Thursday, July 14

6:30 to 8pm in Longman Hall

The Search is a multi-part video based spiritual experience from the producers of the FORMED online platform many of us use for faith formation at our parish. The production is beautiful. The well-known Catholic evangelist Chris Stefanick hosts The Search. But The Search is not meant just to be watched . . . and it’s certainly not meant to watched alone. That’s why we are beginning to form small groups  to watch, discuss, and truly benefit and grow from experiencing The Search.

After the July 14th event, we’ll shift to Wednesday evenings for the remaining dates:

  • Second video Wednesday July 20
  • Third video Wednesday July 27
  • Fourth video Wednesday August 3
  • Fifth video Wednesday August 10
  • Sixth video Wednesday August 17
  • Final video Wednesday August 24

Please rsvp at the bottom of this page. This will be for the entire series. Any questions please call Lisa 309-397-3109

I am hooked! I watched episode 1 and thought it

was reaching out to young adults with questions.

After watching episode 2, I am convinced this

series is for people of all ages. I have already

sent this to three people and am waiting for their

response before sending to others.


This is game-changing material. I pray that I can

convince the people closest to me to watch and

appreciate this.


Sold on the series after the first episode! This needs

to be watched worldwide—many in our society are in

dire need of faith! Many have the faith, but are barely

holding on to it. I hope this reaches millions . . . . Many

prayers for a great awakening—our society needs it!

To help with conversation, we'd like to know a little bit about you and anyone you may be bringing with you. Not sure what to type? Here is a prompt: why are you interested in "the Search"?