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Ministry Opportunities at St Edward

Use the online form at the bottom of this page to inquiry about any of these ministries that interest you! God bless you and thank you for prayerfully considering how God may be calling you to serve others.

Adult Bible Studies

This educational series is led by Dcn Bob Pomazal, with new and interesting topics every year.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. Training is available to all parishioners in grades 4 and up, including any interested adults. All servers should have are scheduled for weekend masses and those students in St Edward School may also serve daily mass, as well as weekly school mass.


The Diocese of Peoria offers assistance to anyone seeking information about an annulment. You may contact the St Edward Parish office to talk to the priest for guidance and spiritual direction. More information may also be found at

Baptismal Program

As you may already know, the Sacrament of Baptism is not merely a “naming ceremony”, as in the “Christening” of a ship! Nor is it merely a rite of passage that grandparents demand of their grandchildren.

Baptism is a Sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ, Himself. Baptism impart sanctifying grace into the life of the one being Baptized (adult or child). It grafts that person on to the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. Baptism washes the soul clean of all sin and imparts the very life of God, making the person a Child of God. In Baptism, we possess by grace, what Jesus Christ possesses in His nature – Divine Sonship. And if we are sons and daughters of the Father, we are co-heirs WITH Christ to the Kingdom of Heaven. Baptism also places upon the person receiving it the “yoke” of Christ, who said, “my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Mt 11:30) The reward of Baptism is eternal life, the cost of discipleship is the burden of living the Christian life – to “deny thyself, take up thy cross and follow me”, says the Lord. (Mt 16:24)

Baptism is not merely a “blessing” of the child or adult. Baptism places an indelible mark upon the soul of the Christian that they will take with them into eternal life. Parents of infants are voicing the commitment of the child, as they do for other areas of life as they fulfill their responsibilities for the life of the child. Godparents are to assist the parents in handing on the faith and educating the child in the ways of living out discipleship.

Classes are only required of parents who have not had another child Baptized previously, or who have never been through such a class. Classes are held by appointment. This class is mandatory for parents having their children baptized in order to educate them on the requirements and importance of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Please contact the Parish Office for scheduling the Baptism at least one month in advanced of the desired date.

CCD (Pre-K through 8th grade)

This program is for parish children who attend public school. It provides direction in the children’s faith formation and preparation for receiving the sacraments. The focus is on studying God’s word, living by Jesus’ example, and praising God in celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Cemetery Maintenance & Restoration

This group maintains and beautifies St Joseph’s Mooney Cemetery. Established in 1865, this is the Catholic cemetery on Rome West Road and is associated with St Edward Church. Recent projects include expansion of the grounds and the addition of many trees and shrubs. A committee is being formed to restore fallen tombstones. Summer mowers are also needed.

Charismatic Prayer Group

This group meets every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Church. They praise the Lord in song and are available to pray with anyone on an individual basis. Monthly events include a teaching every first Tuesday of the month, recitation of the Rosary every second Tuesday, Eucharistic Adoration every third Tuesday. All are welcome.

Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and donuts are served once a month at the Longman Hall after the Sunday masses. All are invited to join for fellowship or to help serve.

Crisis Group

This group assists those in need through the parish food pantry, financial help and guidance toward other assistance organizations. They lead the annual canned food drive and Christmas basket campaign. Helpful hands are always needed, especially during the Christmas season.

Education Commission

This team assists the pastor in determining the educational needs of St Edward’s parishioners, with special focus on the formal educational programs of the parish, including St Edward School, CCD, Youth Ministry and RCIA

Eucharistic Ministers for the Homebound

These ministers bring the Eucharist to those unable to attend Mass at the church due to illness, age and/or disability.

Evangelization Ministry

This group of parishioners reaches out in charity to those members of our parish who attend mass infrequently, to those who have left our parish, and to those who do not know about the faith.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

These ministers assist the Priest and the Deacon in distribute the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist to the faith community at all the masses, on a monthly schedule. To serve as EMHC, adult parishioner volunteers must have at least received the Sacrament of Confirmation and be living in full communion with the Church, attended an information session on the ministry and be approved by the Chancery (through the parish office). Candidates admitted into this ministry are then formally installed during one of the masses, according to the Rite in the Roman Missal. Contact the Parish Office if you are interested in serving as EMHC.

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for establishing and monitoring the parish budget. The group also assists the pastor in parish financial decisions.

Fundraisers & Annual Auction

Annual fundraisers to support the parish and school include a garage sale, breakfast, bake sale and craft sale. The Annual Auction is our biggest fundraiser. The Auction Committee is a large group of fun, active hard-workers. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Parish Office and we’ll connect you with the Auction Committee Chairperson.

Garden Committee

This a group of men, women and youth who work on landscaping and beautification projects around the parish campus. Activities may include planting flowers, bushes and trees or routine maintenance like watering and wedding. Many hands are needed and all are welcome!

Greeting Ministry

Greeters welcome all parishioners and visitors to St Edward at weekend masses.

Grief Support Committee

This committee provides a wonderful service to our parishioners in a time of need, preparing and serving a special luncheon after a funeral. Volunteers can be “on call” to provide food or help set up, serve and clean up. The group also leads the Annual Memorial Mass in November to remember parishioners and loved ones who have passed during the year.

High School Youth Ministry

This ministry is for all students in high school, both public and private. The goal of this ministry is to help the teens of the parish grow and develop their faith. This includes several components: service, social and sharing through study of our Catholic faith.

Knights of Columbus (KofC)

The largest lay organization in the world, the Knights support our pastor and all people of the parish, promoting faith and Catholic education through service and charity. The Knights meet monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month, in Longman Hall. If you are interested in joining the Knights, contact the Parish Office and we’ll connect you with the right person.


These parishioners proclaim the scriptural readings at all the masses. If you are interested in joining our team of Lectors, contact the Parish Office for more information and to schedule a training.

Liturgy Committee

This group of active parishioners prepares the worship space around the altar and church, inspiring the religious imagination of the community during the liturgical seasons and holidays. This committee meets once a month. Contact the Parish Office if you are interested in helping.

Maintenance Committee – Buildings and Grounds

This group of men and women works on short-term and long-term projects, repairs and maintenance around St Edward Campus. Many hands are needed with a variety of chores. We especially welcome anyone with special skills in areas of maintenance, repair, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and more!

Mary and Monica Helpers

These women of the parish, though the monthly meetings or activities, strive to increase holiness and faith formation. Their main goal is to encourage and pray for the return of non-practicing Catholics from families in our parish.

Music Ministry

Groups provide music at the 4:30pm mass on Saturday and the 10:30am mass on Sunday. Each is accompanied by either keyboard or guitar. New musicians and singers are always welcome! Contact the Parish Office and we’ll connect you with the right people to get involved.

Outreach to Inactive Catholics

This committee reaches out to Catholics who have become inactive for any reason, to invite them to return into parish life.

Parents Club

This organization allows parents of St Edward School students to get involved in their child’s academic and extracurricular interests. Volunteer opportunities abound, including helping at the school, fundraising and more. Contact the Parish or School office and we’ll connect you with the right people to get involved with Parents Club!

Pastoral Care – Nursing Home

This group provides pastoral care at Heritage Healthy Therapy & Senior Care, here in Chillicothe. Eucharistic Ministers and all other caring angels are invited to participate. We schedule a Communion Service on Wednesdays, and mass once a month.

Prayer Line

This ministry is for everyone, every faith, everywhere! Prayer requests can be specific or general “special intention” and all requests are strictly confidential. Feedback for “answered prayers” is a blessing to receive back. All prayer requests go out at 6:30pm. Call or text for your own prayer needs or to join the prayer warriors. Contact the Parish Office and we’ll connect you with the Prayer Line.

Raffle Club

Cash prize drawings are held on the last Saturday of every month, with additional drawings at the end of the year. Annual and monthly memberships are available. This is a fun and easy way to support St Edward. The Raffle Club is also always welcoming folks interested in helping organize. Contact the parish office and we’ll connect you with the right folks to get involved with Raffle Club!

Respite Group

This group of volunteers can provide 2-3 hours to help anyone who needs a break. Caring volunteers may assist the homebound, a full time caregiver or a new mother – or just sit with the elderly.

Right to Life Ministry

This group educates parishioners on the consistent ethic of life, on issues “from womb to tomb”.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Adults are introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices. This is a process traditionally intended for prospective adult converts to Catholicism but also serves as a wonderful refresher course on the Catholic faith. All are welcome! Classes typically begin in September with those coming into the Church being received at the Easter Vigil Mass in early Spring. Contact the parish office if you, or someone you know, is interested in entering full communion with the Catholic Church.

Rosary Guild

This group meets Monday through Thursday at 6:30pm in the church to recite the Rosary.


This ministry involves preparing the church and sacristy for all the Masses. Sacristans clean and maintain the vestments, sacred vessels, purificators, altar linens, candles and candleholders. Extra help is always needed; even a one-time offer is very welcome.

Technology Ministry

This is a new ministry at St Edward. The group meets “as needed” to discuss the technological challenges facing both school and parish in order to recommend solutions. We are especially looking for anyone who has technical skills or expertise, including help with: parish & school websites, online presence, social media, online advertising, purchasing decisions regarding technology investments for the entire St Edward campus. If you like computers, cameras, web development and more, contact the Parish Office and we’ll connect you with the right folks to get involved!

Totus Tuus – Faith Based Summer Camp @ St Edward

This week-long camp (mornings only) helps children in grades K thru 6 learn more about their faith wile having lots of fun. Junior High and High School teens are invited to help at the camp, assisting adult volunteers from the parish.

Welcoming Committee

Once a month, this committee welcomes newcomers to St Edward Parish and School with a home visit, sharing information about the parish and extending an invitation to parish activities.

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