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Update from Grand Knight 8020 ~ Bob Akers

Catholic education, what is its greatest accomplishment, I will speak on it as I as an individual and not the Grand Knight of St. Edward council. I am not a product of a Catholic education so I look at this from a public education background. I did not become a real Catholic until our daughter was born, but that is a story better said in a pro-life forum.

The most important thing to me that distinguishes Catholic education from most public education is its emphasis that it acts as a buffer to protect citizens from the state. Catholics are taught as the Declaration  of Independence professes, that our rights come from our Creator. It seems to me that the public schools and the secular governments; local school boards and municipalities, state , and federal are leaning that rights are from the state.
Catholic education teaches that all life is sacred, from conception to natural death, that marriage is only between a man and woman, the state seeks to enforce the opposite and is beginning to infringe on our faith. By doing so it conflicts with the first amendment prohibiting the free exercise of religion. They say we have the right to worship as we choose but the bill of rights say we have
the right to exercise, not just worship.
So how do I see Catholic education, it may excel in general education but also in a free America education.
                                                                   Robert K Akers


Check Presentation from the Knights 2013 M&M Project

Grand Knight Bob Akers presents the check to Rachel's Vineyard representative

Here is a thank you from the Knight in Action program fund raiser from Rachel’s Vineyard.  We combine the sweetness of M & M’s with the clang of quarters, to create a fund raiser for this Catholic charity.

Link to a letter from Rachel's Vineyard to St. Edwards Knights ~ Click Here



Presenting a check from the Saint Edward  K of C Tootsie Roll Campaign of 2013 to

EPIC formerly PARC in Peoria, IL

"Enabling EPIC to Fulfill the Lives of our Brothers and Sisters through Employment". 





Knights bid a fond farewell to Brother Knight Dan Gerke
Sunday January 6th the parish hall was abuzz with people as the Knights and the St. Edward parish family in general said goodbye to Dan and Karen Gerke, who with Dan's retirement, are moving to Missouri. Of course, the Knights put out a great spread of food, which was only fitting because Dan was an ever-present volunteer at every pancake breakfast, chili supper, and altar server party that we held for years and years. A few minutes of levity were enjoyed with a short video of what Dan's new neighbors in Missouri have in store for him.  In one last display of generosity, Dan and Karen requested that any donations/cards be earmarked to ST. Edward School, and $377 was thereby donated. Thanks for all the memories Dan and Karen, we will sure miss you and wish you the best of times in your new home down south.

Link To Dan & Karen Gerke Movie

Knights Hold Another Pancake Breakfast to Kick Off Catholic Schools Week
Sunday January 20th the Knights rallied the troops to cook breakfast for the parish in honor of Catholic Schools week. The menu of favorites was again served: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy, Fruit and beverages!  The turnout was really great! We managed to trip several breakers with all the warmers, but it was nothing that some really long extension cords couldn't handle. $577 was raised and donated, see Grand Knight Tazio handing it over to Principal John Meisinger.  Special thanks to some non-knights who helped out: Ken Baker, Jeff Wright, and our ticket sellers Kristine Timmons and Gino & Giorgio Grivetti.



Knights host Music & Dance Night for Chillicothe Mentally Challenged

The parish hall was once again a rockin' venue one night in mid November, as the residents of Crabel Court and others enjoyed an evening of music and dancing! Deputy Grand Knight Bob Akers chaired this event, our second of the year for this group of Chillicothean's (See movie night story below).   The crowd absolutely loved the music and had a great time. The joy was evident on many faces. It was so well received and so rewarding for all of the volunteers, that we hope to offer this event again in 2013.



Knights Enjoy Annual Christmas Party

The Knights, spouses and families celebrated the Christmas spirit in 2012 at the home of Jim and Sandy Bodtke. The evening began with a social hour in "Bodtke's Bar" and then a delicious meal was served.  Thank you to our hosts for opening their home for this wonderful evening!

2012 - The 30 Year Anniversary of St. Edward Knights of Columbus Council 8020

A special year-end thank you to everyone who helped with all of our projects over the course of 2012. The Knights raised the bar for parish and community projects, accomplishing more than ever before in the 30 years that our council has been in existence.   The picture is of our original council charter!  A profound thank you as well to the 35 Catholic Gentlemen who helped found this council back in 1982.  All this time, the Knights have always been able to be counted on to help our parish family in anyway asked. The current members carry on this tradition with great enthusiasm.






Knights Help With St. Edward’s 110th Birthday Celebration

The Knights pitched in to help with the St. Edward 110th Celebration on May 19th. The main meat dish was provided, hot pulled pork to serve hundreds! Also, you might have noticed the sign out on Route 29 by the south end of town. Grand Knight Tazio Grivetti and the children of St. Edward School participated in the construction of the sign. The blue handprints around the perimeter are from the schoolchildren on Fine Arts Day. The twirling, CD’s were all individually decorated by the kids, and then strung together to provide an eyecatching effect!

Knights Serve 140+ Students, Parents, Teachers and Guests at St. Edward School Fine Arts Day!


Every year Fine Arts Day is looked forward to by the students of St. Edward school. It is one of the most fun days of the year! This year, there were special guests, in that the preschool was also invited to join the kindergarteners in experiencing all the great art projects. Also special this year, was a team of Knights grilled up a wonderful cookout meal for over 140!! Jim Bodtke, Ken Hillard, Randy Daly and Tazio Grivetti served up hot dogs, burgers, pork chops, chips etc. The weather was perfect and the kids were able to eat in the bright sunshine on the grass in front of the church! Pictured above are 8th grade students enjoying the cookout, as well as some 7th grade boys posing in front of their “stained glass” window, a project led by Grand Knight Tazio Grivetti.


Knights Host Annual “Movie Night” for Crabel Court Residents
  The Knights Hosted their annual “movie night” for the residents of Crabel Court and the Chillicothe community/mentally challenged. Mr. Bean returned in a madcap spy caper/thriller movie, that the assembled guests got a big kick out of! Hotdogs, snacks, and movie theater style popcorn were also enjoyed by all.

Knights Make Additional Improvements to St. Edward Cemetery


The Knights have led the way in completing additional improvements at the cemetery that St. Edward Parish owns. The new circular road (reflecting the expanded boundaries of the cemetery has been completed, including culverts – the new road will greatly facilitate funeral processions, as the cars can enter one end, and all park in a lineup that will allow easy exit, safely onto the road. This is a great step forward for our cemetery, and the road really shows the true size, and additional room available.

Annual Chili Supper at Parish Hall a Big Success!


February 4 was the date for the annual chili supper. Once again the Knights served up award-winning chili, hot dogs, baked potatoes, toppings and desserts. The chili was completely sold out by the end of the evening, and a delicious meal was had by all. In the photos, Dinner Chairman Ken Hillard and some brother Knights are working hard in the kitchen, while a table full of St. Edward school students and alumni enjoy the meal. The Knights raffled off an IPAD, and the lucky winner was Sean O’Brien, parish member and father of several Jaguar students! Thank you to everyone who helped, and to the parish for attending.

Knights Sample Home Brewed Beverages at January Meeting

The regular January meeting of the Knights featured a visit from the District Deputy, final planning of the annual parish Chilli Supper. After the meeting, some hand-crafted beverages were sampled. Thanks to Past Grand Knight Dan Gerke and others for supplying the refreshments.

Knights Donate 55-inch TV to Parish Hall

Next time you are in the parish hall, check out the new 55 inch flat screen TV that the Knights have donated and installed! The flatscreen was sitting un-installed in the closet in the hall for months and months, but finally got put up after some other projects were completed. Hookups for cable, DVD playing and computer will soon be placed beneath the TV. A computer with HDMI output and Blue-Ray High Definition Video and speaker system are also coming soon. In addition, a wireless microphone system for use with guest speakers, seminars etc. will be installed.

All of these upgrades are great amenities to add to the parish hall. We foresee some Monday Night Football usage in the near future!

Knights M&M’s for Spare Change Fundraiser for Project Rachel results in $656 Donation

You might recall that back in June the Knights held a mini-fundraiser to benefit “Project Rachel”. This is the Catholic Church’s nationwide ministry to those impacted by abortion. Here in the Peoria Diocese, we have an active effort. The Knights bought and gave away cylinders of mini-M&M’s to parishioners, with an attached prayer card for Project Rachel. We asked that the containers be returned to some baskets placed in the church, with any spare change that could be accumulated. We actually ran out of M&M’s after the early Sunday mass, so those attending the 10:30 might not know about this fundraiser! A total of $656 was returned which resulted in the picture above. Tim Roder from the Diocese office of Family Life is receiving the check from Bob Aker, the driving force behind this effort. Recently, some more containers were dropped off in the baskets which are still in the back of the church. This money will be used to purchase more M&M’s and we will have this fundraiser again in the summer of 2012!!! We will be sure to buy more, so that all masses will be able to participate. Thank you to all who donated, the money was greatly appreciated by Mr. Roder.

Knights Auction Breakfast Results: Huge Turnout! Thank you St. Edward Families!

   Left: St.Edward School 8th grader Maria Grivetti and 5th grader Riley Simmons at the Auction Breakfast

The Knights once again sponsored the annual Auction Breakfast, serving a record number of over 200 parishioners this year! The turnout was so heavy that additional seating had to be hastily set up. Thank you to the school parents and volunteers manning the Auction Craft/Bake Sale for their speedy help in setting up the additional tables!!

The high turnout enabled a record amount raised! $399 was used to purchase a flatscreen TV which was donated to the auction for the 25th (approximately!) annual “Knights of Columbus TV Card Game” held midway through the live auction. 100% of the remaining profit of $643.53 was given directly to the auction as a cash donation. During the TV Card Game, two decks of cards are sold for $10 each to auction-goers. One lucky card wins the TV. This means a net profit for the auction of $1040 every year just from the card game. BUT THIS YEAR the parishioners and friends of St. Edward attending the auction purchased THREE decks of cards, resulting in a profit of $1560 for the auction. THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the game at the auction, and congratulations to Mrs. Meisinger who won the TV!!

  Auction Chair Kristine Timmons accepts the $643.53 cash donation from the Knights

Knights Annual Tootsie Roll Drive Results in $1200+ Raised for PARC and Community Workshop

Once again the Knights of Columbus fanned out to collect spare change in exchange for Tootsie Rolls, to raise money for two local charities, PARC and Community Workshop. The beneficiary of this drive is always organizations that specialize in helping the mentally challenged. Knight Jim Moroz chaired the project as he has done for years. Knights stood outside banks, Kroger and our Masses at St. Edward, raising over $1200. A huge thank-you to everyone who put money in the can! ALL of our left over tootsies were sold in boxes just prior to Halloween. This added $200 to our prior total of over $1000, resulting in the grand total.

Knights Annual Altar Server Appreciation Party a Huge Success!

The Knights again held an end-of-summer appreciation event for our faithful altar servers, at the Shore Acres Pool. Actually, TWO parties were held, but the low turnout of 10 kids at the first party (lots of families on vacation that week) prompted us to sponsor a 2nd event a few weeks later. This time over 30 kids attended – as in prior years, all altar servers AND siblings were invited. The kids enjoyed the pool, and then everyone had a great meal at a cookout in the park featuring burgers, dogs, chips, watermelon, cookies and drinks! Dan Gerke was our grill-master this year, and his efforts were greatly appreciated by all the attendees.

Knights in Action: Groundskeeping At

St. Edward’s Cemetery (St. Joseph Cemetery)

     Yes, our parish DOES own a cemetery, known as the St. Joseph Cemetery on Rome West Road. The Knights have responded to the need of the parish to keep the cemetery up, by donating time, money and equipment.

Knight Ken Hillard assumed responsibility of the Sextant of the Cemetery. Knights Bob Aker and Jim Moroz volunteered to be directors. (Dee Butler and Jerry Noe, from the parish are also on the board, and Grace Youngman is the secretary) Knights did all the mowing during 2010, the lion’s share done by Past Grand Knight Bob Aker.

The Knights also provided the labor to pour a new pad for a shed to house the mowing equipment. The Knights also built the metal building. The crew included Randy Daly, Ken Hillard, Bob Aker, Bob Adams, Greg Bogner and Justin Dennis (Son-in-law of Ken Hillard). Knight Bob Adams also donated a Simplicity Riding Lawn Mower to the cemetery. In 2011 the many Knights along with other members of the St. Edward congregation again kept up the cemetery. In a major effort, the utilized grounds of the cemetery were expanded (another ½ acre).


The new area is to the right of the shed in the picture to the above.

A loop road is being installed complete with two culverts, to allow for much easier access for funeral processions. The gravel for the road was donated anonymously.

The Knights have future landscaping improvements planned for next year. It should be mentioned that this is not a 100% Knights of Columbus endeavor. This is for St. Edward Parish, with others (mentioned above) involved, and of course more volunteers are always welcome. You can contact any of the Knights mentioned above if you would like to help.


Knights Annual “Missal Defense Fund” Sausage Sale Helps Offset Cost of Missalettes

In 2009 and 2010, the Knights established the “Missal Defense Fund” and sold home-made sausage to help defray the cost of missalettes to the parish. $438 was donated last year. Thanks to all who purchased sausage and we hope you enjoyed it. Sausage will again be for sale after certain Masses in December. Keep your eyes peeled for our card table laden with gift-wrapped sausage in the coming weeks.

Knights Donate $1000 to Rectory Carpet Replacement Project

Responding to a request from the parish office, the Knights voted unanimously to donate $1000 to the rectory carpet replacement project. This money was largely the proceeds from dues paid by the members along with the Chili Supper.

Knights Spearhead Telecommunications Upgrade for All Parish Buildings

The Knights, with the assistance and support of the Building and Grounds committee, have undertaken a year long project to establish computer wireless service and a 1 Gigabit Local Area Network upgrade. New lines were bored under the parking lot so that all four buildings (School, Hall, Church and Rectory) are tied together telephonically, cable TV and computer. This has been a huge, complex project, with many parties contributing to the successful outcome. The results are very worthwhile, and ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of technology.

St. Edward Knights win the Peoria-Area K of C Chili Cookoff!

This event is held annually at the Knights Hall on Radnor Road in Peoria. As our commemorative team shirts say “That’s Why They Call It Chilli” We will be defending our title next month.


Knights Upgrade Parish Hall



When the parish hall was completed, one facet of facility usefulness that was left for "future improvement" was technology/audio-visual capability.  The Knights have made the gradual upgrading of the hall a project for over a year now.  One of the first projects was internet connectivity, which was addressed (and described below) with wiring between all the parish buildings.  The next phase was installation of equipment that would be useful for conferences, learning opportunities etc.  We filled this need with the addition of a PC and other components, including the flat-screen TV on the north wall.  The final project that takes the hall to a best-in-class facility is the addition of a ceiling-mounted audio/visual projector, and projection screen.  This will enable the hall to host any kind of teaching seminar and make use of the most advanced learning programs (PC-based, or DVD) as well as for viewing videos on a near cinema-sized screen (16 FEET by 9 FEET!) on the East wall.  Also part of this final improvement is the installation of SIXTEEN ceiling mounted speakers. (See picture)  Some of the speakers are connected to a P.A. System that the Knights have also installed.  This will ensure that if a speaker is presenting material to an audience - EVERYONE will be able to hear what is being said!   Ten of the speakers are connected to the A/V system with 5.1 Surround Sound - which combined with the large screen, will provide a wonderful cinema-style experience for hall renters, our St. Edward schoolchildren, parish events etc.  The Knights are very pleased to be concluding this long project and look forward to many years of enjoyment from our St. Edward family!!!!  Many thanks to our chairman of this project, Brother Knight Jim Bodtke, and all the Knights and others who helped with the project.


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